Hotel Mobility

Increase your hotel occupancy by providing a service to the disabled

Hotel Mobility are to launch a service promoting specific hotels that offer a disabled-friendly environment within the UK.

Many disabled travellers and holiday-makers rely upon their mobility scooters to get out and about to enjoy their trip. Many also require bath lifts to help them get in and out of the bath.

We can help your hotel offer mobility aids to your clients by supplying mobility equipment as-and-when-needed for a very competitive price.

Our equipment is new (always less than 12 months of use) and meets approved sterilisation levels of cleanliness. Our techincians will deliver and install all items in to the hotel room, and can help advise on their usage.

Did you know that just one UK web-based company generated GBP £2.4 million in holiday business from disabled people in 2011.

Another website gets over 20,000 hits a month from the disabled community searching for disabled holidays that can support their needs.

Does this mean we are talking more lifts and disabled toilets?

Not all hotels are complying with regulations that were introduced to support the disabled community. We can offer simple and affordable solutions that you can offer as an optional service to them to help make their holiday more enjoyable and stress free.

What types of service do you provide?

You could offer your clients the option of hiring a mobility scooter for the duration of their stay. Your guests may prefer the idea of a mobile scooter waiting for them when they arrive rather than transporting their own (which depending on the model can require a van or trailor.)

We also offer a whole range of mobility aids, such as electric hoists to help them in and out of bed, and bathing chairs that automatically lower them into their bath.

Our hotel cannot afford this level of service?

Given the opportunity your guests would consider paying for this extra support to enable them to enjoy their holiday time and also make life easier for them and their carers.

How would this work?

We have agencies up and down the country that are ready to deliver the disability or mobility equipment to your hotel when required, and will collect afterwards as part of our service. This ensures that you do not have any storage issues and we also maintain and sterilise all the products after use.

Do we need to sign a contract?

No, you can hire as-and-when required.

What is the cost to hire disabled or mobility equipment?

Costs will vary depending on what’s requested by your client. For example we have a range of the latest mobility scooters available for as little as £9 per day. We can now exclusively offer the amazing Pack-a-Scoota, a mobility scooter that folds away into a suitcase!

Can we lease or purchase equipment?

Yes; as you build up a regular base of disabled clients you may prefer to purchase outright.

What about maintenance?

If you take advantage of our lease program then all maintenance is provided by us as a part of the deal. However if you decided to purchase then we can offer a comprehensive maintenance contract – contact our help desk for further information.

Who are you Renta Scoota?

Our Renta Scoota website has an impressive list of some of our more famous clients, including: BBC, Age UK, Elstree Studios, Unison, Holiday Inn, Saga, Fred Olsen, and Savoy London. We are also the preferred suppliers of mobility scooters to many of the major cruise ship companies, including Cunard, Carnival UK, P&O, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises.

We also have exclusive access to a mobile scooter that fits in a suit case!

If you have limited space or feel that your guest would appreciate having something that they could easily pack into the boot of their car when visiting attractions in your area – then the Pack-a-Scoota is an ideal solution.

Pack-a-Scoota - the mobility scooter in a suitcase

We also have exclusive access to Pack-a-Scoota, a mobile scooter that fits in a suit case!

If you have a limited access or a small lift, or feel that your guests would appreciate having something that they could easily pack in the boot of their car when visiting attractions in your area, then the Pack-a-Scoota is the ideal solution.

Travel light with the Pack-a-Scoota mini-scooter. Pioneering technology requires no removal of parts to disassemble. Only weighs 22.5kgs in total - a fraction of most mobility scooters. Easy to assemble in seconds with no tools required. Lightweight lithium battery provides 5 miles on a full charge. Lockable suitcase available for greater convenience and security.

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